Saturday, December 29, 2012

5th Grade Clay Storytellers

I started my 5th graders working with clay very early in the school year. The lesson was learning about and creating Clay Storyteller figures. The 5th grade class curriculum covers American History and I was trying to pace the lesson with the classroom lessons on Native American Cultures.

We did have all clay work made by the time the classroom started their
work in this area, but by the time the clay was dried, glazed and fired a second time the unit was long past...arg! Classroom connections can be tricky but I still like to make the attempt regularly.

The resource I relied on heavily for this lesson is a post from Julie Voigt's Art Blog;
It's a definate "must read" and I really appreciate that you shared it Julie - thank you!

The book I used with my students is;
If you are on the lookout for great book classroom resources, then this is really a must have!

Here is a sampling of completed Clay Storytellers;