Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Adaptive Art Q-Tip Snowflakes

With the holidays approaching it was time to start working on winter and/or holiday lessons with my Adaptive Art students, even though, oddly, there wasn’t a stitch of snow to be found in Green Bay.
I do a lot of lesson searches for my adaptive students in preschool websites as they usually a good starting point with my particular group of students. I modify all lessons because a couple of my students are still working on grasping tools and supplies.

This lesson involved squeezing a small puddle of glue onto a piece of aluminum foil and laying Q-Tips that were cut in half, around the glue creating a radial design.

When the glue dried I peeled the glue/Q-Tips off of the foil and students glued them onto some paper circles that they had glittered.

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