Thursday, June 9, 2011

Clay Stamps

I brought some clay home with me this summer to make clay stamps. They're fun to make and will be great texture tools to use in many clay lessons.

You'll want to wander around your house looking for interesting textures...
• I have my eye on my doormat right now... it has interesting indentations in it that should look great on a stamp.
• My junk drawer in the kitchen should be a gold mine.
• Using both ends of a pencil gives multiple design opportunities.
• The texture on leaves should work although you want the impression to be deep so look for veins in leaves that really stand out.
• Pressing the clay to the bottom of your shoe to pick up the tread pattern works great AND it makes a great 1st grade clay pendant!

Store all your new stamps and fire them with your first load of student clay pieces when you are back in school.

It would be great for this list of texture ideas to grow! Any ideas you’re willing to share? Thanks!


  1. Love the tips. These also don't break the bank. I can't wait for more posts. And I'm inspired to save my ketchup bottles.

  2. These stamps are really great! How are they used in other projects?

  3. I need to buckle down and make some of these, along with glaze color sample chips for kids to choose a glaze color. Thanks for motivating me to get this done during my clay unit!

  4. Could these be made with air dry clay?