Tuesday, September 27, 2011

5th Grade Zentangles

Have you ever done Zentangles with your students? I googled searched them a lot this summer and really wanted to try it with my 5th graders. I decided to make it the beginning of the year lesson and use them for their Square 1 Art work. They turned out great and the students loved making them! I think there is a lot of Zentangling happening in homes right now! :)
We started the lesson by staining the Square 1 Art paper they provided. We ripped tissue paper up and placed pieces onto wet paper, then painted more paper over the top. We talked a lot about color mixing during this part of the process.
When the paper dried we peeled the tissue paper off and disgarded it.
This is the finished paper.
You can see we had folded back the label portion of the paper...
Now for the Zentangles! All students created two sample patterns. I hung all the samples up so if they ran out of ideas they could check the chart and try one of the ones posted there.
The students traced their hand on a white piece of paper. They Zentangled patterns on the hand, cut out the finished design and glued it onto the tissue stained paper. The final design was their choice on the colored paper surrounding their hands. We talked a lot about CONTRAST with this lesson... varieties of light, medium and dark areas of designs that moved your eye around the artwork. They were very successful I think!

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