Saturday, November 12, 2011

4th Grade Clay Leaves

I walk my dog down the block every morning before work. When I saw my favorite tree four houses down from mine start to drop a lot of it's leaves after a very windy night, I knew that this was the day to drop everything and make clay leaves with my 4th graders!

This year I opted for a painting lesson with the leaves instead of glaze.


  1. Thanks Anna! I'm very new to blogging and it was GREAT waking up to find your COMMENT from Australia. Whoo Hoo! :)Kathie

  2. Hi Kathleen! Thanks for adding my blog to your blog roll. I'll post yours on mine. Your leaves are lovely. Happy blogging.

  3. Thanks so much Barb, that's really nice of you! I put your blog on my blog roll because I love to visit your site - you do great lessons with your students! I don't know where you find those videos but they are terrific too!
    So how goes the assessments? That was a really good class. :) Kathie

  4. Those are some beautiful leaves! Wow! Not sure if my 4th graders are up to the task. Got any neat math-esque type projects? I've been looking for some good ideas to roll out on my math classes.

    1. Hi Jason, I was looking through Mini Matisse Art Blog just now and stumbled on three math related art lessons. This might be what you are looking for! If you copy/paste this address into your search it will take you to her site: (OR look on the right colunm of my blog and find my link to her blog under "My Blog List.")
      I scrolled down the "Labels" column on her blog and found MathART listed. Check it out- they look great! Kathie

  5. Hi Jason,
    I don’t have any pictures of past lessons, BUT if you click on the link below you’ll see a great lesson.
    Sara is an art teacher in my district too and has great lesson ideas! If you look on “My Blog List” on the right side of this blog, you’ll see her blog site too; Tart – Teaching Art with Attitude. Check it out!
    Hope this helps! Try the clay leaves, my students are so proud of them, yours will be too. Kathie.

  6. I also did clay leaves with my class. They are a no fail, beautiful project for clay newbies like myself. Your blog said you focussed more on painting rather than glaze but the pictures show a lovely opalescent shine. What glaze, or paint, did you end up using for that effect? Thanks!

  7. Thanks for excellent photos. I am also a fan of painting certain ceramic projects.

    Rina at

  8. Mags, The students had a choice to seal their finished leaves in Mod Podge or an acrylic glitter medium. I'm on the look out for a new acrylic medium; the Sax true flow is not drying this year, it stays sticky. Any suggestions? Kathie.