Thursday, November 3, 2011

Adaptive Art Clay Pumpkin

In Adaptive Art we rolled out a slab of clay, cut out a pumpkin shape and drew in pumpkin sections with a pencil. They were approximately 8" high and 7" wide, give or take a little here and there. After firing the clay we mixed reds and yellow tempera paint to create orange, and painted. We ran a colored Twisteez Wire through a hole in the pumpkin stem and beaded. The beading was the favorite activity with this lesson. I am not posting the photograph of the final piece with the mod podge painted on because the glare didn't photograph well. Today was the day we gently wrapped them in newspaper and sent them home.
If I were to do this again I would have students sprinkle tiny seed beads onto the wet mod podge and do a second coat when dry. I think the texture would look interesting and feel interesting to my students.
For info on Twisteez Wire: (This is GREAT colored wire, I use it in many lessons. Check it out!)

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