Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Adaptive Paper Plate Fish

I stumbled upon Paper Plate Fish picture and loved the simplicity of it, so I gave it a different look and changed it to meet the needs of my Adaptive Art students. I think they turned out great and there was a lot of interesting art experiences along the way.
So this is the simple fish we started with. We cut a triange out of a paper plate. The space left from the missing triangle became the fish mouth and the triangle itself was stapled opposite the mouth and became the fish tail. We got out blue and green liquid watercolors (made by recycling crayola markers -love that tip!) Students dipped their paintbrush into one color and moved it around on their paper plate then cleaned their brush and dipped into the second color. All mixing happened on the fish itself.

When the fish was painted students ripped paper for the sand in the water, green paper for plant life and shiny silver paper (which they all loved peeling the paper back off of!) as the sparkle in the water. -A bit like rainbow fish but the students loved sticking the silver paper on so much just a couple of little shiny spots wouldn't do...

Of course glitter finished the picture off. Some added a lot of glitter glue and some chose to add very little. A little painting, a little ripping and dot gluing, and a little silver paper peeling made a very engaging lesson.


  1. These are so cute and perfect for the Nature-based art camp I'll be doing this summer. There are a couple of ponds on site so this will be a great follow up for our hike! I may link to the rainbow fish book--sparkly pieces on artwork are always a hit! Question: can you post a bit about the process for the Monet Waterlillies on your banner? I love the thought of making waterlillies 3d and this would be great for my Modern Art class! Love your blog!

  2. Hi Kathleen! I mentioned this project in my blog and tweaked it a bit to link to the book "Only One You" by Linda Kranz. So easy and fun. Thank you for sharing this project!