Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Adaptive Art Valentine Frames

A week before Valentine's Day I found some great wooden picture frames for ONE DOLLAR at Michael's Crafts! My Adaptive classes are very small this year so it didn't break my budget to pick a few frames up.

Day one we used rather small blown up balloons to stamp red, magenta and white tempera paint onto the wooden picture frames. When we cleaned up this part of the lesson one class rolled pink, white and purple painted marbles around on a paper and let it dry. In my other adaptive class Jason made a beautiful drawing of his mother.

Day two everyone once again LOVED peeling the backing off of sticky hearts and placed them wherever they wanted on their frames. In the marble painted paper class students cut thin strips of marble painted paper out and randomly glued them onto paper that was trimmed down and placed in the frame window. Jason's portrait was trimmed down and placed into his frame window. That is Jason's frame above. Mom is beautiful!

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