Thursday, July 5, 2012

Adaptive Art Paper Mache Turtles

Near the end of the school year I busted out the paper mache paste one more time and introduced a turtle lesson to my Adaptive Art class.
• The armature for the turtle is a paper bowl.
• Students taped round stiff paper onto the bottom of the bowl to cover it.
• One additional step you might want is to add dried beans in the bowl before students tape it up, making sure all the edges are sealed. It would make a fun shaker.
• I made up a batch of School Smart Art Paste (see my post on it for more info… the label of the post is “Paper Mache”) and off we went!

When the turtle shell was dry, students used green Do-A-Dot to decorate the turtle shell. The Do-A-Dot comes in more colors than the box shown. We had two greens, a light and a dark, to use on the turtle shells.

The head, tail and legs made up a color mixing lesson. Students poked yellow and blue Crayola markers all over their white Model Magic and squished it together creating a green color.
We flattened the green Model Magic and covered cardboard legs, head and tail shapes. We waited until the Model Magic was dry before hot gluing them onto the turtle shell. I did the hot gluing but students watched.

When I do this lesson again I think it would be better to teach it around midyear. By the end of the school year everybody gets the wiggles. Although the paper mache really held the student’s attention pretty well, attention spans were shorter.

I’d love to make the turtles with the beans inside of them next time and work with the music teacher so the students are able to use them as musical instruments.

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