Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Framed Artwork for School

Quite often, at both of my schools I am asked to matt and frame student artwork to be displayed within the school building. It’s a great way to showcase student art. Do you do this at your school(s) too?
The last few years I’ve been reusing the frames holding very dated artwork. I’m not sure if the older artwork was just not picked up by the student, or the art teacher thought the work would hold up to the bright lights within the building so no pickup plan was established. After a number of years hanging on the wall, the color bleaches out of the art and often when I move into a new school I’ll find the artwork stored away. -I’ve found artwork from 1973!
So taking the measurement of a number of frames I headed to a frame shop and ordered new white mattes. (I actually went for white mattes with a black beveled edge -the back of the matt was black.) The new mattes cost $11 each, which includes a 10% discount from the frame shop. Thank you Tradewind Products!
After cleaning up the frame and glass I was delightfully surprised the frames/glass looked like they were in very good shape. (Washing 30 years of dust and grime off of the glass was so dramatic it became fun!)
The picture above is some of the framed art laid out on my couch at home. Can you see Mr.E’s Op Art lesson? ( I did this lesson at both schools. (What a great lesson – Thank You Mr. E!) They came out so beautiful I framed one at each school… same with the dinosaur landscapes. The day after I snapped this picture I brought them into my schools for hanging. It’s a nice end of the year gesture, but next year I’ll start framing sporadically throughout the year to avoid the end of the year crunch.

The above picture is an Adaptive Art student piece framed. It’s a paper plate ladybug glued onto a bubble wrap printed background with glued punched shapes on it.

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